Monday, 1 November 2010


I have had an idle night this evening just surfing the net and generally watching Blackpool beating West Brom and also watching that wonderful series 'Spooks'. This is my little paradise, my computer, two tellies and my keyboard. I am never bored and I can seek out my mates whenever I want. Downstairs is my wife of 41 years tapping away on her DS games player secure that she is at long last free of watching SKY Sports!

Like so many others I 'Google' the past and present and tonight I 'googled' my old school. Way back in 1954 I achieved the almost impossible for a kid from a Council estate beause I passed the 11+ and qualified for a really elite grammar school. It was called Derby School and it had 400 years of tradition behind it.

This poor kid from a Scottish working class family actually qualified for a school for the 'posh' kids and my parents were ecstatic! Unfortunately neither of us could,at the time, cope with my achievement and I failed miserably when it came around to the GCE results. However my REAL education had been achieved and I have never looked back from the wonderful Derby School education that I received.

Tonight I 'Googled' Derby School and found a wonderful photograoph of my teachers (or so many of them). I could not believe it! There in front of my eyes were Fizzer, Loopy, Jack, Rocky and Boris! The Internet is a wonderful tool if used properly. Tears in the eyes folks...if only I knew then what I know now!

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