Thursday, 11 November 2010

Game on...!

So now we know that some of the NUS leaders were actively involved in the attack on Tory Party HQ. It is being said that they misled the police regarding the number of students attending the demo but I find that difficult to believe.

Either police intelligence has become so naive that they have become ineffective or someone decided to give the students a head start and kept the bad boys away from the front line. The extent to which the left wing throughout Europe will defend their power grab should not surprise anyone. They have had 13 years to infiltrate all levels of public life and now we are seeing the consequences.

The unions are gearing up for a battle which was expected but the NUS? Yes they have always been left wing but militant to the extent that they will destroy property and pelt the police with fire extinguishers from nine floors up?

Yesterday I watched the riots through the medium of SKY NEWS and they interviewed many students who were shocked by the violence. These same students must now realise that they have been manipulated by politically motivated activists in the NUS.

Many of them clearly came to London to make a point that they had every right to make but their Union had other ideas. This will continue so if they do not like the violence then they should stay away or form an alternative group to challenge the NUS within the student group.

Whatever else the battle lines are being drawn. The government must organise themselves because the left command a lot of troops who are prepared to descend on the streets and fight for their cause however misguided. The rest of us must realise that if we do not want to be the slaves of the public services or if we don't want to be subjected to a Soviet style tyranny then we must prepare for a battle. It really is 'Game On'!

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