Thursday, 4 November 2010

The continuing problems with extreme Muslims...

It is really ironic that the enquiry into the only ever attack on the London underground system has coincided with the trial of the woman convicted of attacking Stephen Timms the East London MP. It highlights that the lax attitude to mass immigration in this country has contributed to the crime statistics and in my opinion will continue to do so.

What I find particularly irritating is the people demonstrating outside of the Stephen Timms trial goading the British public with their obnoxious placcards. Why were they not arrested and deported? Why are they continually allowed a freedom not allowed to the indigenous population? We just cannot have these lunatics polluting our society.

The police should be given clear guidelines by the Coalition about the treatment of extreme Muslims. It now transpires that two of the underground bombers were on the radar but were not 'lifted' which had dire consequences for so many commuters. A soft approach never succeeds. We must clamp down harder but as usual we won't and therefore I fear that one day someone will succeed in a repeat attack. Regrettably more lives will be lost until we learn our lesson.

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