Monday, 8 November 2010

What is his game...?

Like most people I lost confidence in our politicians some years ago and that is why I am intrigued about David Cameron. He keeps hinting that he wants to bring our country back to its former glory and that he wants to reverse the socialist trends.

Is he for real? Does he really want to bring back our former freedom? Will we really get back our freedom of speech and escape the clutches of the Health and Safety Nazis. Can we believe that he will actually repatriate thousands of criminals to their original countries? Will we really get back our police from the socialist charlatans who have usurped their power?

The questions continue and I remember well that I blogged about Barack Obama when everyone thought he was the saviour of the world...yeah I remember careful because politicians need major finance and the people who provide that finance rule the world. Somebody, somewhere owns Obama and somebody somewhere also owns Cameron. I know he is a rich man in his own right but there is always an angle.

The super rich do not think of you and I but perhaps it suits someone, somewhere to reinstate the United Kingdom to its former glory. Let us hope so because at present the EU is sucking the blood out of all the member states and for no good reason.

Perhaps the bankers who actually rule the world (like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellas) will decide to change tack and allow David Cameron a little freedom to become a great Prime Minister. If they do (and he is married to an Astor) then David Cameron has an opportunity to change all of our lives!

Cynical I know but also realistic!

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