Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Edukation, Educashun, Edookayshun

A remarkable young lady graced the Politics Show platform this lunch time and in an amazing manner demolished the myths of our Education system. Her name is Katherine Birbalsingh and she of the wild hairstyle was last seen basking in a standing ovation at the Tory party conference after a speech which blitzed the education establishment. It cost her her job which of course emphasised the lengths that the socialist teaching unions will go to protect their flawed principles.

This lunch time she once again layed bare the myths behind the examination fraud which is annually perpetrated on the public by the teaching profession. She compared today's Maths papers with those written in the 1970's and pronounced that the difference in difficulty was immense.

She criticised government (mainly NoLab I suspect) for interfering in classroom discipline and in every sense was campaigning for honesty in the education system. Her premise is that children should be made responsible for themselves and that we should stop making excuses for weakness.

She was articulate and enthusiastic steadfastly refusing to apportion blame but insisting that the kids were being let down by a soft system. Her proposal is that children should be allowed to fail in order that they be allowed to eventually succeed.

If David Cameron wants to become a national hero he should sign up Ms Birbalsingh, listen to her very carefully and implement her views. He could be saving my grandaughters from the unprincipled fraud into which they have just stepped. I do hope that we hear more from Katherine Birbalsingh.

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