Thursday, 11 November 2010

More riots to come...?

Apparently the Facebook pages and Tweets are full of forthcoming events being arranged through the National Union of Students to protest against government cuts and increases in university fees. There seems to be some kind of general agreement that what we witnessed yesterday will inevitably be repeated but on a much grander scale.

Unfortunately I find myself agreeing that we are heading for trouble on the streets but not purely because of the austerity cuts. People in this country are generally unhappy about so many aspects of their lives.

The Political Class in general have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and I mean politicians from all parties. Not only do so many of them support the unaudited, unelected EU but so many have also stolen from the public purse and they routinely break promises and ignore electoral pledges.

It is their amoral attitude, their petty bickering and total disregard for the electorate which is behind the deep rooted dissatisfaction fanning the public. It matters little who talks to whom the conversations always meander onto our disquiet with our politicians and government officials.

Most of us didn't vote for mass immigration, we still haven't been given a referendum on Europe, we didn't adopt the Human Rights Act, we didn't send our lads and lasses to Afghanistan and we didn't let the bankers ruin the economy.

We don't agree with the huge public sector salaries, the massive expenses, the huge increases in council tax or the cutbacks in care for the elderly, training for the youngsters and maintenance of the highways. We didn't get a vote on the dumbing down of education, the ridiculous increase in university places and the lack of classroom discipline.

We could all go on and on because I have yet to even mention about the Hospitals, the Transport system, the Police or the Tax authorities. Everywhere that the public look we see complacency, incompetence, deceit, ignorance, greed, arrogance and foul play. It breeds despair, anger and revenge.

I don't like seeing these young idiots hurling fire extinguishers down onto the police but I suspect that one day it will get worse until someone, somewhere in the bowels of Westminster decides to consult the electorate and stick to their election promises.

As we saw at 11am today the British public still have that inbred sense of respect and decency which separates us from so many other countries. It was uplifting to see so many people observe the silence which honours our fallen without a prompt from anyone. It is this legacy which the politicians would do well to follow.

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