Friday, 5 November 2010

Now how do the Coalition fight a By-Election?

The declaration of the Woolas election victory as void has given the Coalition a real headache. Given that the majority was a little over 100 votes both the Tories and the LibDems must feel that they can win the seat.

The problem is a real headache for the electorate as well. Just who do they trust? NoLab have proven that they cannot be trusted with a national economy and their representatives do tend to tell lies. The LibDems ditched most of their principles when offered a sniff of power and one can hardly link the current Tory leadership with anything vaguely hard line conservative.

In every direction electoral promises have been broken meaning that manifestos are not worth the paper that they are scratched onto. It might be an extraordinary election or it might not even get off the ground. Perhaps the voters will just snub the whole charade and ignore all the nonsense that will come through their letter boxes.

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