Sunday, 14 November 2010

The evil from within....

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the lengths that some modern day public servants will go to maintain a measure of power. I have long held the belief that some of our more prominent politicians/government officials are following an agenda which is designed to force change on our way of life.

It is difficult to believe that people who have reaped the rewards of living in a relatively free society would wish to bring it down but no matter which way one slices the cake it is clear that forces have been at work during the past twenty years or more attempting to change our society.

Today I read a remarkable article in The Mail on Sunday written by Brian Paddick, a former Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner, explaining why the police failed to react to the student demonstration allowing them to partly demolish the Tory Party HQ. Now I have no doubt that Paddick has an agenda of sorts but he alleges that former Commissioner Sir Ian Blair on assuming the role of the Met's top copper deliberately replaced all the experienced officers in charge of Public Order. Such was the extent of the purge that it left the Met short of experienced leaders on Public Order.In addition he alleges that Sir Ian Blair also watered down the intelligence gathering capability of the Met.

Now if this is true then why would the former Commissioner wish to do that? After all it would have been an act so foolhardy that one could almost direct a charge of treachery against Blair which is actually what Paddick is doing. It is a most serious accusation in print and I would expect legal proceedings to emerge in the not so distant future.

What I find uncomfortable however, is that Sir Ian Blair was well known to be a supporter of the New Labour cause to such an extent that when Boris Johnson assumed the role of Mayor of London one of his first acts was to sack Blair. I now wonder however,if the damage had already been done? I must admit that I was astonished at the non reaction of the Met to the hordes of students descending on the capital. I was more astonished at the lack of protection for such an obvious target as the Tory Party HQ.

I never believe that people who have ascended to roles of power are totally inept (although some are trying to prove me wrong) so the question has to be asked...are their high ranking officers in the Met who are prepared to aid and abet anarchy to forward their own weird agenda? It is all very well for the present Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, to be 'embarrassed' by the absence of police on the ground but what is he doing about it?

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