Friday, 5 November 2010

Another one bites the dust...

I doubt if too many people, outside of his personal circle, will bemoan the toppling of Phil Woolas from his lofty perch on the NoLab front bench. He has always come across as a nasty character, full of his own importance and his character assassination of an electoral opponent has finally caught him out.

Politics has always been known as a particularly dirty game but it is amazing how the NoLab party in particuklar seems to attract so many 'dodgy' elements. One after another they are caught out either fiddling expenses, abusing their power of various activites which display character defects.

One only has to look at Blair, Brown, Blunkett, Jacqui Smith, Mandelson, Prescott etc etc. The list also extends into the House of Lords where the NoLab peers in particular have been caught out time and time again abusing their positions. In Scotland it appears that they are even worse where allegations of wrongdoing are never far away from the Scottish Labour MPs. I do wonder how it is that this party seems to attract the worst types.

Even the current leader was prepared to stab his own brother in the back to win the leadership contest. Not nice at all!

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