Monday, 15 November 2010

So what would make you happy?

Apparently David Cameron is proposing a campaign to discover what makes people happy? Why would he want to do that unless he intends to follow up on it and how could he? It is quite obvious what makes people happy and even more so it is also obvious what makes them angry.

Most people want sufficient money to have a good quality of life. Most of us hold our family dear and value our friends. These are personal values most of which the PM cannot change. What he could do however, is deliver a fair society. There is so much inequality in our modern society mostly caused by the past thirteen years of socialist manipulation.

He should bring back family values which would also help to bring morality back to the country. We should also bring back fairness into the job market particularly in the Public Sector where far too many people are employed for their political beliefs rather than their ability. The Civil Service in particular should return to promotion examinations so that those who merit promotion get what they deserve (and more importantly those who don't...DON'T).

He should discontinue the Human Rights legislation which is designed to favour the criminal and above all the should tell the European Union that they will not get a penny more from the UK until they pass an audit. Then we should begin to repatriate all the foreign criminals currently filling our jails and costing us a fortune thanks to the deliberately engineered mass immigration programme.

He MUST revolutionise education in this country which is generally woeful. We used to have a fair society and we should return to it. It begins at school where closely supervised examinations should discover who deserves a university education and who should find a job. Streaming should return so that the academically bright are recognised and valued. Returning to competitive sport would also replace the physical loss of living in a country where we are too scared to allow our kids out to play!

David Cameron talks a lot about a 'big' society but fails to address the problems of an unfair society. When people start to believe that we are living in a fair society it would not be long before the feel good factor returned.

It will of course take courage. He will have to face down the public sector unions (that will be inevitable at any rate) but I am certain he would get huge support from the British public because above all else we British recognise fair play even though we haven't seen much of it for a long time.

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