Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Phil Woolas and Mrs Speaker!

I cannot believe the tangle that the Labour Party is getting itself into over the question of Phil Woolas. Let us be clear he is a real little shit who has continually flaunted every aspect of his political career. Witness his run in with Joanna Lumley over the Ghurka question when he was made to look like the inept little man that he actually is.

He was clearly panicking during the General Election (where he scraped home by a little more than 100 votes) when he issued an election pamphlet which apparently racially slandered an election opponent. Now New Labour have almost traded on their diversity agenda and here one of their foremost advocates is seen trading on racism in an effort to win votes.

Clearly a judge has decided that he was out of order and declared the election null and void...so...what happens next? Well the Labour leadership agrees that the legal decision is correct and throws little Phil out of the party. Wow! Whizzbang!

The wife of the Speaker (of all people) decides to guest on the telly and support Phil Woolas and not long after the Speaker gives him a stay of execution. Now he is after a Judicial Review and apparently there is a revolt in the Labour Party against their own leadership.

In this modern political age does this not just emphasise the concerns of the public about The Political Class? They are really incorrigible. They are demonstrating a level of corruption that even their own colleagues cannot accept and yet they still support someone who lied in his election address and was actually guilty of a racial slur!

Well let's face it he is a member of the Labour party so anything goes. They are absolutely without shame and it does not surprise anyone that Sally Bercow, who apparently has a reputation for indiscretion, uses her husband's position to air her jaundiced opinions.

I really now question the appointment of the current Speaker! I always have done but now his wife is ensuring that he is the wrong man for the job. How can Parliament accept a man who is actually so weak that he can be compromised by his wife. I know that in this day and age traditional values have been trashed but can Sally Bercow not realise that she is compromising the neutrality of her husband.

Apparently not!

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