Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Riots in London!

The National Union of Students is traditionally a left wing organisation which in the past has been led by people like Phil Woolas and Jack Straw so when they decide to hold a 'peaceful' protest in Central London one would expect that the Metropolitan Police Force might suspect trouble.

According to the NUS they had cosily arranged with the Met that everything would be fine so a police presence would not be necessary. Well I don't really know if that was the deal but as there were thousands of students on the streets and only a couple of bobbies one has to speculate.

Of course if there are thousands of left wing students on the streets and the Conservative Party Headquarters is just down the road then is it likely that it would come under threat? Once again the Met beggar belief when it comes to leadership, planning and strategy because lo and behold everything kicked off and the police were not placed to repel the threat.

Whenever I see the high ranking, female, police media representatives then I know that there will be, or has been a cock-up. What on earth has happened to real police officers? We either get the bullying agitators that we saw in the G20 problem or we get the prissy, ineffective plods who look scared to death. Where were the bullies when they were needed?

It seems a shame that with all the problems that we have in this country the only organisation that can bring people onto the streets is the NUS. I watched the blanket coverage on Sky this afternoon and many of these young people were genuine but unfortunately the lunatics took over the asylum and unless the NUS can police their own show then they will always get a bad press.

What a weak country we have become because the police were hopeless and I do wonder if this was politically motivated. When the left are involved we get the ladies but if the public are involved we get the bullies. It does need addressing Mayor Boris because you are supposed to be the Mayor of London and you are supposed to be a Tory!

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