Friday, 26 June 2009

Andy Murray

On 03 Sept 2008 I blogged that Andy Murray was a foul mouthed brat who would one day win Wimbledon. I emphasised that he was the real deal because he didn't give a stuff for public opinion. Since then so much has changed and of course I don't know the details but I suspect that his girlfriend Kim Sears has been whispering in his ear!

The former foul mouthed brat has cut his hair, smartened his appearance and learned how to deal with the media. Win, lose or draw Wimbledon this year young Mr Murray is now the role model that we need. Make no mistake this young man is the best that we have ever had. In the highly competitive world of modern professional tennis Andy Murray is right in the mix to be the best in the world.

How he copes with the expectation, the horlicks that the British press write and the adulation is a wonder to behold. There appears to be a character flaw with so many of our young sportspeople. They cry far too easily! They whine at every setback, every bad call and every unfortunate circumstance...but not Andy Murray...he fights and everyone knows it.

The Scots are not known for their competitive instincts. They generally fold easily but Andy Murray is entirely different. He has become a great player and yet he may not win Wimbledon this year. I think that he will but I cannot even contemplate how any of our leading sportspeople can cope with the horrendous British mainstream media.

He may not win this year but one day he will win again and again!

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