Friday, 19 June 2009

The National Community Service

I have been waiting for a 'big' idea from Gordon Brown or any member of his Cabinet ever since he postponed a planned election so that people could see his 'vision' for the country. Now we know that the last thing that Gordon can claim is vision. He just has no imagination. Every week he trumpets the same mantra which he will parrot until the next election. Every pore of his body is tribal, vicious and predictable.

So let me give him a big idea. We have currently millions on benefit who are not contributing to the economy. Many school leavers think it is their right to leave school and sign on. They have no responsibility, no ambition, no commitment and crucially nobody expects it from them. More are desperate for jobs but cannot find them. Many are amazingly graduates who have no life experience but are desperate for it. Most do not have parents who can send them on 'gap years'.

Now imagine a National Community Service...any person claiming benefit must earn it. It would be run by service veterans... those people who have been wounded in action or served a decent number of years with the colours. Brave enough to face the Taliban and therefore brave enough to face down the scallies.

Anyone on benefit would report to the NCS where they would be put to work according to their capability. There are some fine people on benefit and they could be put to work serving the community. Those doing an exceptional job could be recommended to the local Job Centres for accelerated promotion into full time employment.

We would have a national army of people who could, if well organised (don't leave it to NoLab), be a huge asset to the national economy. They could earn their way to a trade, but more importantly they could clean graffiti, clear waterways, keep streets tidy the possibilities are limitless needs organising!

Now what part of organisation does NoLab understand? Frankly nothing because none of them understand anything about organisation. They only do politics which means either wrecking the economy or blaming the Tories for wrecking the economy! If they put this proposal into the hands of say the British Legion then just perhaps we would get the level of national organisation that this project requires.

It would mean that if the sick, lame and lazy want to be paid from the public purse then they would have to get up out of bed and earn their money. Nobody would skive from the NCS. The veterans would ensure that the people who earned their benefit also got preferential treatment when jobs came on offer.

This proposition has unlimited potential. It could be developed and expanded to encompass so much of our national heritage. For example it would not include those who should not be here. They would be excluded from the NCS but then they should not be claiming at any rate.

Come on you politicians give us some hope for the future. Tell us that you understand our problems. The NCS would create jobs nationally for those who deserve them and would also uncover so many other underlying problems. For example the real dregs of our society would be required to get out of bed and report to the NCS. No report money! It would save the public millions but then it is difficult to imagine the response from Westmonster.

Time that I copywrited this idea I think!

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