Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The People have Spoken!

One of the worst betrayals of NoLab was the refusal to allow the people a vote on the European Union. The reason that we never got a vote is that we are an independent, spirited country and these federalists knew that intrinsically we would never vote for foreigners telling us what to do. Despite our instincts, our loyalties and our so called democracy we were railroaded into this unholy alliance.

Since that time our democratic principles have been consistently and constantly revoked. We are a pawn in the hands of a few people called the European Commission in which a nonentity, an unelected female called Catherine Ashton, is our sole representative courtesy of one person, Gordon Brown.

We have all recently voted and we are now sending 72 candidates to Brussels. It is an interesting mix because if the Tories stick to their election promises (if) then the majority of our Euro MPs are not in agreement with the federalist grouping. We are sending in a bunch who are going to challenge Europe and it needs doing.

NoLab and the LibDems are happy to tuck their forelocks to their European masters but to their credit the Tories are looking elsewhere. UKIP and the BNP would pull out tomorrow so in effect we have 39 Euro MPs elected by us who could challenge the concept of the European gravy train. The BNP will benefit most because they will gain the most massive boost to their campaign fund that they have ever had.

I look forward to the challenge against the European Union. It is undemocratic and fraudulent. They buy off the elected MPs by showering them with unbelievable wealth. I just hope that when Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons arrive then they reward their supporters. I also want to hear from UKIP. I want to hear from Nigel Farage loud and often. He has claimed unbelieveable expenses from the EU and now we want to see him earn them.

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