Sunday, 28 June 2009


I watched some of the political programmes today with a kind of detached disinterest because I believe that we are all in limbo. We have a government which is probably the most unpopular in history clinging onto the last vestiges of political power before they are forced to hold an election.

We have a Prime Minister who every day seems to come up with yet another soundbyte which everyone ignores because we have heard it all before. Today we had the Mr and Mrs Cooper show because both Ed and Yvette were wheeled out to attack the Tories. The problem is that they just ramble on with the same old dogma which we have all heard before. They refuse to answer questions and turn every question into a tractor statistic just quoting meaningless figures which nobody can be bothered to check.

Then they continually blabber on about the things that the Tories won't do! It is just rubbish politics that no intelligent person would consider credible but they continue to treat the British public as idiots (perhaps they are better informed than me). Maybe this type of nonsense does resonate with the public but I still doubt it.

So another day passes, another day when we grow deeper in debt, another day when people pour through our undefended borders and another day that we lack any form of government. So we heard the balls from Ed and his wife Yvette but I tell you what we heard more sense from Tommy Cooper than we did from this pair!

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