Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jack Straw

Once again Jack Straw is in charge of an incompetent ministry. Typically he blames the management and just as typically the response is that the management was underfunded. This is classic NoLab administration but when it happens to Justice in this country then it is dangerous and so it has been proven.

Clearly the Probation Service is incompetent and so is the CPS. The shadowy people who make crass decisions about the suitability to release prisoners into the community have once again be seen to be out of their depth. The problem is that they make obscene decision after obscene decision but we never know who 'they' are. They are anonymous and so cannot be brought to book for their mistakes.

Once again the modern Civil Service is exposed as being administratively incompetent. The traditional technique of dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's has been abandoned for young, trendy, mostly female, grinning idiots. They have no idea about attention to detail, sense of priority or even a semblance of authority.

The result is that people are dying horribly because we have people on our streets who have taken advantage of the NoLab policy to free dangerous prisoners onto our streets even though it is clear that they are convicted and lethal members of society.

Make no mistake ultimately Jack Straw is culpable. He has always been useless but he knows where the bodies are buried. He has seen crime rising particularly involving the people we have 'welcomed' into this country. If you have a free for all and welcome unlimited immigation then you will release unlimited crime. They are all laughing at us.

Two young French students were tortured and murdered by people who should have been behind bars. The people who released them should be named and shamed and top of the list should be the useless Jack Straw who has been so culpable. He has destroyed the British democratic legal principals by his allegiance to Europe. He has refused to build more prisons and then refused to abandon the legal system which has obviously failed the public.

Jack Straw should be ashamed of himself because he killed those two poor French boys as sure as eggs are eggs. His policies killed them because they support the criminal and not the victim. We have to change the system!

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