Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Reshuffle

Predictions are dangerous because unless you are really in the 'know' then there is a very good chance that you will end up with egg all over your face. That is of course unless you are in the Racing Press who write articles day after day on the merits of horses who ritually fail to live up the expectations of their hopes.

Gordon Brown has a major problem on his hands. He cannot find a Home Secretary! Jacqui has (thank God) followed so many other NoLab Home Secretaries. In fact they have never had an MP who has been able to cope with the office and that is no surprise. The job has always been too big for anyone other than Superman.

He also has two Cabinet Ministers who he really wants to replace but Alistair Darling and David Milliband do not want to stand aside for Ed Balls and Peter Mandelsson. Now this is the crunch because Gordon is a ditherer. He is not a man of courage and so he must choose between the immovable and the intractible. This is what you get if you are indecisive.

I dread to think who we will get as Home Secretary after Gordon's reshuffle because he has few options. This is not a joke appointment it is crucial to the security of the country. He has hundreds of MPs to select from but they are not suitable. Has there ever been a more a greater indictment on the paucity of talent on the NoLab benches.

Everyone knows that Gordon is a loser. They do not want to be associated with him. He cannot have a reshuffle because nobody wants to be shuffled and all those he wants to reshuffle don't want to be shuffled. It is a mess created by indecision and a total lack of leadership.

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