Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ayatollah Khomeini

Iran is a country in turmoil and the people know how to protest. Their protest against the engineered election results is magnificent and brave. Those people know that if they continue their peaceful protest they could and probably will be faced with an armed response. In other words they could be killed!

The esteemed Ayatollah yesterday accused the British government of being 'evil and treacherous'. Well hell I never, ever thought that I would agree with an Ayatollah but in this case he is bang on the money. Not for the right reasons of course but why bother with semantics.

The Ayatollah is trying to justify the electoral injustice in Iran but then our 'evil and treacherous' government is only trying to justify theft from the public purse.

So in Iran they face death when they protest. What do we face? We face apathy, cowardice, embarrassment, ignorance but as yet nobody will shoot at a protestor in England (give it time). If we do not get out onto the streets and close down London then I am sorry things will continue as they are. We are being treated as fools and of course we are fools.

I really admire the Iranians. You have all seen the pictures. If we do not take back our country from the EU and NoLab then we will all regret it. But then we all live such comfortable lives so we leave it to others. We do not yet have Muslim clerics telling us that we are 'evil and treacherous'. Give it time folks give it time!

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