Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Beginning of the End Gordon?

At long ,long, last the Cabinet and the parliamentary NoLab party are standing up against Gordon Brown and in the last hour Hazel Blears has resigned from the Cabinet following the resignation of Jacqui Smith and other prominent NoLab politicians.

I know very little of how these politicians operate but it smells to me of a plot to get rid of Gordon. The Chipmunk has really sunk the knife in his back by the very timing of her resignation. An hour before PM's Question Time and the day before the European and County Council elections could not have been timed worse for the PM.

It could also be a plot by the female side of the party to destabilize Gordon. It only needs Caroline Flint to resign and the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they have done him in. Whatever, it is obvious that he has lost control of the Cabinet and the wolves are circling.

If Gordon is forced out then is that the end of the New Labour Project and can we all get back to sanity and proper accounting and accountability. Is it really too much to hope for?

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