Friday, 19 June 2009

Lightning Strike

Last Monday we were hit by a lightning strike whic knocked out the electricity for a whole row of houses. In the Meldrew household we lost the TV, the Skybox and the modem. It brings it home hard how reliant so many of us are on the Internet and if you are interested in sport then Sky is also a must.

In the meantime so much sleaze continues to emanate from Westminster that the poor place now resembles a sewer! I don't know how our democracy will ever recover. NoLab have so corrupted our political, judicial and administrative systems that nobody can be trusted anymore.

The sheer gall of the blackened out 'published' expense claims and the extent of the fraud is far beyond ignorance and error. It is clearly criminal and should be treated as such but then who can we trust in the police? Who would have the courage to bring prosecutions? Who has sufficient stature to stand up for the rights of the public.

I blogged last month that I had only discovered one MP who had not been 'at it'. The rest appear to be guilty of degrees of contempt for the public. Some have been somewhat indiscreet but the vast majority which includes all three party leaders have taken advantage of a system which allowed them to exploit the public purse.

Paying back the money in hindsight does not exempt them from the original act.

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