Friday, 5 June 2009

Punch and Judy Politics

It appears that the British public will get what they want, another dose of Punch and Judy politics. Firstly we get NoLab and now we are getting Cameron and nothing changes. We hardly know what David Cameron stands for but off they go like lemmings voting for a party we were desperate to be rid of 12 years ago.

Meanwhile the scale of the NoLab meltdown and the lack of LibDem progress has frankly astonished me! How can the public believe that the Conservative Party are not just as guilty as the others of swindling the public purse. Somehow David Cameron has convinced thousands of people that his moat cleaners, manure spreaders and house flippers were not as guilty as the NoLab cabinet members.

Meanwhile Gordon clings on stubbornly refusing to answer questions from the press at a press conference and doggedly repeating the same old mantra. They will have to pick him up and carry him out of Number 10.

His much vaunted 'reshuffle' collapsed when the two people that he really wanted rid of, Alistair Darling and David Milliband 'refused' to go and he didn't have the courage to get rid of them. All around him Ministers are resigning but on and on he goes even though they have lost (currently) 290 County Council seats. NoLab do not now have a single Council throughout England. To anyone else it would be a catastrophe, a signal from the public that they don't want him but he just doesn't care. In fact he just ignores democracy but then what is new from him.

He has now stuffed the Cabinet with many people of a previous dubious past and has had to turn to the House of Lords to fill the many positions vacant after the plethora of resignations. I look forward to the many challenges from the back benches.

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