Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The New Labour Liars!

It is becoming increasingly clear that the NoLab Cabinet are bereft of ideas. They are groping in the dark for soundbytes which may or may not improve their prospects of re-election. It seem to be obvious that the finance of the UK has been destroyed by NoLab purely for their own political purposes.

They have given away huge sums of money to unproductive, committees, trusts and quangos for the past twelve years. All of these NoLab cronies have been rewarded magnificently for their support in ensuring that the ideas of NoLab and Europe are endorsed.

The trouble is that the employment of unproductive people destroys the economy and that is where we are today. People like Ed Balls, Alan Johnson and of course the unelected Peter Mandelsson try and convince us that they are on top of the problem. We all instinctively know that they have lost the plot. Even the Governor of the Bank of England is squealing like a stuck pig when he tries to square up our economy with the NoLab spending plans.

They have not got the money folks! We are broke! NoLab have bankrupted the country. Even worse they won't let anyone examine the books. In twelve years they have ruined us for a political ideal. The British economy deals with vast sums of money because we pay huge taxes. When the truth finally emerges I dread to think what we would like to do with Gordon Brown/Alistair Darling/Jack Straw or Tony Blair.

One day the truth will finally emerge even through the several layers of concrete which constitutes the brain of the average Trade Unionist and when it does...I will book a cruise to ...well anywhere really!!

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