Friday, 12 June 2009

He will never learn...

On and on it goes, that is the obscene destruction of democracy in this country by the Political Classes. They were caught blatantly with their hand in the public purse but what has happened...nothing! We are still waiting for any kind of action from the police or even the government.

What else can you expect when they were all flipping and fiddling? We have had our elections but the public allowed the Political Class breathing space. Look at the horror of electing two BNP Euro MPs. Now I recognise that this does sit nicely with some of our citizens who do not need this kind of representation because they have decent jobs, independent means or like me, pensions which are not linked to interest rates, but what about the rest of the population?

Who in this rush to embrace the multicultural society is representing the white indigenous population? It was our country. The working class have nowhere else to go and yet they suddenly find themselves at the back of the queue for housing, jobs, education and health. Then suddenly the NoLab ministers like Harriet Harperson announces measures to ensure that the BNP must admit people other that white people to their ranks. Now I may be wrong but I never thought that this was a policy of the BNP.

These issues have been covered extensively by other blogs like Old Holborn but my beef is that parliament will not debate the themes that we the public want to debate openly without fear. We have young black lads who have been convicted and should be behind bars stabbing people indiscriminately. We have mental patients walking around killing innocent people. Jack Straw should be described as the Minister for Injustice because he ignores the pleas of family after family for justice and continues to preside over a 'rotten' system which rewards criminals for their crimes. He really need to be replaced but of course he supports Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown has stuffed his cabinet with 'cronies' from the House of Lords. It is unbelievably undemocratic. He is proving what we all know about him that he will do anything to cling to power and to renege on the very people who have been his traditional supporters.

Then they wonder that the BNP are getting seats. In my opinion the real wonder is that the tolerance of the British Public and the relentless attack from the controlled media prevented the BNP from getting more seats. The more the government refuses democratic and open debate on the vital issues which affect the British (English) public then at the next election they may encourage more support for the BNP!

Then there is the question of governance by Europe and the question of the Euro and the fact that they won't give us a vote on it. As I said they will never learn. I would hope that they would die at the next election but look what has just happened. A party which was condemned only twenty years ago has risen from the ashes but does not tell us what they would do to give us a better life. I detect that the Tories would actually give us more of the same. We need a revolution but then the young have been conditioned to accept everything that the state will give them.

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