Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Economy and Gordon Brown

A new Speaker (who seemed to do quite well) but the same old Punch and Judy Show. This PM's Question Time is a waste of time because Gordon Brown doesn't get the concept. He should try to answer the questions instead of immediately launching into his pathetic oft repeated mantra blaming the Tories for the problems of the country after he has been at the helm for so many years.

It is clear that we cannot, under the current financial burden continue squandering the finances of the country as NoLab has been doing since they came to power. It is now clear that we have a real problem because of the policies of Chancellor Gordon Brown and PM Gordon Brown. His much vaunted reputation as a prudent Chancellor is in tatters.

We must cut public spending; that much is patently obvious. It is how we cut it that is important. We have been wasting public money on political objectives and this must cease. The country is more important than party politics. Gordon Brown has ceased to maintain the confidence of the public. He is ruining the country and yet nobody is demanding his resignation. Once again party politics is ruining the country. It is about time that the residents of Westmonster get their act together to save the country.

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