Friday, 5 June 2009

A Cabinet of No Talent!

I had a birthday today and so it has been a bit hectic. Grandad's birthday coincided with this momentous afternoon when we saw Gordon Brown cause incredulation in the press corps. In between a BBQ and strawberries and ice cream I watched openmouthed as the PM stretched everyone's imagination to the very limit. I watched the press who had been earlier briefed by the PM's henchmen that both Alistair Darling and David Milliband would be replaced in the next reshuffle look on in astonishment as he denied his intention.

They appeared to think that he had totally lost the plot. He just seems to deny the unpalatable truth. He has done nothing since his self appointed coronation and his party is is meltdown. No party in history has lost so many seats in one day. He continues to parrot that, 'People want him to get on with the job and sort out the expenses scandal (which he created)'. Which people? Everybody wants him to get the hell out of 10 Downing Street and disappear up his own backside!

His Cabinet is appalling. We have already spoken about Darling (appears fraudulent) and Milliband (out of his depth) but look at the rest. Jack Straw remains despite attempts by a French family to sue him for his appalling department who caused the murder of two young Frenchmen. Ed Balls fresh from his triumph over Baby 'P' affair when members of Harringey Council followed his set of guidelines which meant that they all failed the little mite.

Lord Mandelsson is apparently now the Deputy PM. The same shyster who had to leave the Cabinet twice before for wrongdoing. Peter Hain returns to the Welsh Office only months after being forced out for running a slush fund to back up his campaign to run for Deputy Prime Minister. Then the appointment that made Iain Dale apoplectic, the appointment of Glennys Kinnock! What kind of progress is that?

If this shower continue then I would not be surprised if the people of this country don't storm Downing Street! It needs to be done. We the people have spoken and yet as in Europe elections count for nothing. NoLab now have no influence at County Council level throughout England. They have no mandate to run the country.

Just in case you think that I destroyed my birthday to watch the politics we all ended up watching SKY news because it was rivetting. I have a wonderful family who I adore and they all know that I care about them which is one of the reasons that I continue to BLOG for sanity. All of my generation know that this country must reject the New Labour Project and return to the values that we in Britain have always espoused.

My dream is that my great grandchildren enjoy the childhood and education that I had which has been denied to my children and grandchildren. I dream that they enjoy the freedom and the confidence in authorities that we once had. Unfortunately as soon as I think that I suddenly see pigs flying past my window!

While the adults watched SKY news my two granddaughters were playing their own game. The six year old sat on the garden swing and was trying to drop kick the eldest eight year old who was protecting herself with a cushion! We should possibly wonder where these two 'gentle' girls get their ideas!

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