Monday, 8 June 2009

What now for the country?

The electorate has spoken, not always what some of us wanted but they have spoken and what is now crystal clear is that the electorate do not want Gordon Brown and his discredited party. They lost up and down the country and even in Wales and in Scotland which at one time were NoLab heartlands.

It is the white working class who have rebelled because they see their housing and job prospects being intentionally hampered by a political class who seem wrapped up in themselves.

As usual Gordon Brown is hanging onto power for the one reason that he likes the perks. He holds onto power through fear of a General Election. If they get rid of him
they must face the electorate yet again and they all now know what that means. If they keep him the fear of a General Election is postponed for another year. That gives them more time at the trough.

The Westminster NoLab MPs are a craven shower whose cowardice has cost many hard working local councillors their seats. It has always been clear that Gordon 'Obama' Brown is not up to the job. His ambition far exceeded his ability. Now the nation is in a state of paralysis until his time runs out and heaven only knows how much we will be in debt by then!

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