Sunday, 28 June 2009

Iran and Armed Services Day

The situation in Iran could be getting serious. It is clear that the Iranian public did not vote for a strictly muslim regime (who would?) but have been cheated out of their victory. So who do the Iranians pick on as the weakest nation in the west? Well they had good reason after their 'victory' over the Royal Navy a couple of years ago where we had the dismal sight of young kids crying live on TV.

So who do we have to front up the Iranians... David Miliband! Do you know the sight of him wringing his hands and talking about their actions being 'indefensible' etc etc made me realise just how impotent we have become. All of these countries know that our real fighting troops have been deliberately tied up with the fatuous war in Afghanistan.

We have no defence left! Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ensured that when they involved us in unwinnable wars. They have committed the British Army to a war in Afghanistan which we can never win. We have been tied down in this impossible task which the generals have acquiesced to by their pursuit of knighthoods and pensions.

The generals allowed the NoLab government to close the military hospitals and did not protest over the lack of suitable equipment. They committed their men to impossible tasks. Subsequently the cream of the crop are either being killed and crippled or are leaving the army in droves to save their family lives. Many former soldiers are living on the streets mentally destroyed.

Yesterday we had 'Armed Services Day' which of course was ignored by this desperate government. They just allowed to to pass by and if it had not been for local actions then the day just may not have happened. I served with the colours for almost 30 years but I would have great reservations about committing to this lot of charlatans. However, what did our Generals do? Yeah they watched their knighthoods and peerages and in the main they too ignored 'Armed Services Day'.

If ever a government hated the services it is this crowd. If he could, Gordon Brown would destroy them because he fears that they may have the capacity to unseat him one day. Yeah... with the right leadership! Once again we need leaders and we used to get them from the forces.

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