Friday, 19 June 2009

What a Day!

It had been a difficult day. I received a new modem in the post which allowed me, after a few problems, to get on line once again. Then our electrician arrived to sort us out a new aerial which caused some disruption.

Then suddenly everything changed! My son rang to announce triumphantly that he had achieved his aim of a 2/1 Degree in Law. Since he began his quest with, at that time, little support outside of his aim to change his life he has had to conquer many obstacles.

To achieve his goal he had to first attend foundation courses to qualify himself for university. He did this as a lorry driver living in a one bedroom flat in the East End of London. Once he gained his place he moved to Edinburgh where he got married and then along came a daughter. To pay the mortgage he had to drive through the night and study during the day.

Things got worse when the credit crunch arrived as the work dried up. He has therefore also struggled financially but today it all came right. Not only did he get his degree but he also got his first job with his degree. He has pulled out a real plum which I know he is really suited for. He has, at long last, got a career path and a future with a pension.

The Meldrew family are absolutely delighted for him! He has really earned his big break and I think that the mistakes in the past will benefit the Edinburgh public. I will not divulge the job but suffice to say that some of the less considerate members of the Edinburgh public may have a shock in store.

Well done son we are all so proud of you!

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