Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A Momentous Day - 04 June 2009

Nobody actually knows how the public will vote tomorrow. I actually believe that the NoLabs still have a hard core of supporters who are so entrenched in history and so intransigent that despite all the proof that they have been betrayed they still do not see it. There are also all the people who need to protect their jobs. I still think that it will not be meltdown.

In fact perhaps it will get worse because the only party who may lose votes are the Tories. If the core Labour votes, the boneheads, continue like automatums to vote 'like their father did' and the public take their spite out on the Tories and the Liberals we could have a very interesting result.

Some parts of the country will vote UKIP but they have been discredited because news of Nigel Farage's European expense claims prove that he has to be a suspect politician. The Greens will never get sufficient support and then there are all the new parties like the Libertarians, the Jury Party and many others who have not yet got the organisation to be a potent threat.

This leaves us with the BNP, who are well organised and large enough to field sufficient candidates to challenge. I don't think that the BNP will cause a major upset but they have the capacity to do so. It depends just how deep the public anger has reached. There is just a chance that they will rebel against the whole political class which includes the media who have systematically abused the BNP.

As I have blogged before, the European elections are actually a non event but they are a barometer on just how angry the public are. The County Council elections however have a little more significance because if NoLab are wiped out then there is little connection betwen local government and Westminster. In effect, once again, NoLab will have no support outside of the Westminster 'bubble'. Tony Blair won them their elections and Gordon Brown has destroyed the whole party in two short years!

I have never before looked forward to the results of an election because the public are angry. Just how angry has yet to be revealed!

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