Friday, 26 June 2009


I get the feeling that a lot of people have passed me by ever since I took the radical step to support the BNP prior to the European election. I don't regret my writings because I still believe that the Political Classes need opposition and I really think that extreme politics is a solution.

The BNP got a lot of support in the local elections but when push came to shove UKIP won the day at the European elections because they found more candidates and the public mistrusted Nick Griffin. I have to concede that since those elections Nick Griffin has not come across well.

The BNP should never become a white only party. That is just as ridiculous as the racist 'Muslim Council of Great Britain' or the 'Black Police Officer's Association' both of which should be banned. That is of course the crux of the support for the BNP. The white working class (for want of a better name) feel that these racist 'black' groups should not be tolerated. They see that the immigrant communities are receiving preferential treatment and yet they have to sit and wait their turn for public services.

Every other culture has a voice but not the people who need it. We have to sit back and watch our taxes disappear into the oooloo! There are people who arrive into this country and are allowed to feast off our taxes without any redress.

The BNP will always have support until the Political Class realise that one of the so called 'Westmonster Three' decides to include the indigenous population in their plans and instigate a proper immigration plan. NoLab appear to be incapable of any form of constructive planning. If you brass off the electorate then you deserve to lose the election.

In the meantime Mr Griffin, you attracted a lot of voters with your common sense policies on Europe and immigration... however you must drop your white only crap because quite frankly this is not the 1980's and there are many people who are here legally who agree with you in all bar one that one crucial issue.

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