Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Catherine Ashton

Catherine 'Who' I hear you ask so I will explain. I am well aware that although there is a huge trumpeting of the importance of the European elections tomorrow they actually have no relevance. You see the only people who have any real power are the 27 European Commissioners and we don't get to vote for them! That is where I found Catherine Ashton because she is the single European Commissioner that emanates from Britain. Her portfolio is European Commissioner of External Trade so in effect, with the exception of the Queen she is the most influential politician that we have.

Well how did she get the job I hear you ask? Simple innit if you follow the Gordon Brown school of democracy HE nominated her to replace 'Mandy' when Peter came back to Westminster. Yes the only person who got a vote was Gordon! I say the only person because with his exception nobody has ever elected Catherine Ashton for anything anywhere. She has never faced an electorate!

She is a mystery woman who has spent her entire life slithering up the pole of power by serving on Quangos and committees. If you read her CV I have never seen anyone sneak her way into power like Baroness Ashton of Upholland. She is one of the Labour 'cronies' that we read so much about that were stuffed into the House of Lords where she 'steered' the Lisbon treaty through the upper house.

She is a fine example of the utter contempt that the EU and Gordon Brown in particular view the democratic process. ELections are after all so tiresome and vulgar!

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