Thursday, 11 June 2009

Public Expenditure

There appears to be a row brewing about public expenditure. It certainly cropped up at PM's Question Time where 'Mugabe' Brown appeared to be criticising the Tories for their attempts to curb public spending. Let's face it we must rein in public spending but that is only half the problem. We must monitor where the money is being spent and on what.

Under NoLab it would appear that they have just thrown money at any problem that arose and yet no attempt has been made to monitor where the money has gone. It has been frittered away on meaningless political gestures which according to good old 'Mugabe' is proof that he is 'getting on with the job'.

He quotes NoLab's huge public expenditure like a badge of honour as though it cannot be denied, it is sacrosanct and it must be maintained. This is much the same as the huge expenditure on foreign aid which even the Tories claim is 'ringfenced'.

It is patently obvious that with the debt that this government has accrued public expenditure will have to be curbed before we run out of money. We must get really mean with public expenditure so that people are accountable. NoLab has always spent public money wildly. It is a tradition where, like Robin Hood, they redistributed wealth generally to themselves and their cronies.

The most important question that 'Mugabe' Brown has to answer today is - what have you done with all our money?

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