Sunday, 7 June 2009

The European Elections

The top blogger Iain Dale asked his mainly Tory sympathises to predict the results of the European elections which will be announced later this evening. Most of them predicted the BNP as polling four or five per cent.

Eventually an anonymous contributor could contain his frustration no longer and commented along the following lines;- 'The BNP will get only 5% of the vote? That's right shut your eyes, put your hands over your ears and start to sing la-la-la-la-la because if you think that you are in for a shock!'

Out of curiosity I visted the full results section on the Leicestershire County Council website just to see how the BNP polled in my home county and I must admit I was really surprised. All in all over 26,000 people voted BNP and in NW Leicestershire they got a councillor in at Coalville (27.7%). In villages close to Coalville which was once red hot Labour territory the BNP polled 25.9% in Ibstock and 26.1% in Whitwick.

This around 20% share of the vote was not just confined to the Coalville Area it also happened in Enderby, Syston (two wards), Thurmaston, Earl Shilton, Measham and South Wigston. Maybe the Leicestershire electorate will not reflect the voting habits of much of the country but these people are straight talkers who don't like being messed around. I know because I play bowls with them.

Time will tell but I just think that there may be some shocks this evening. I really hope so because if not we have missed a major opportunity to scare the Political Classes witless!

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