Monday, 8 June 2009

A Challenge to Gordon?

There are unconfirmed reports that James Purnell is going to mount a challenge to Gordon Brown. I can only say that it is about time that one of these politicians stands up and prevents 'Mugabe' from destroying their party. It has to be done! They must forget their own positions because they have generally brought it about themselves.

The Labour Party, the 'real' Labour Party before Tony, Mandy and Gordon got hold of it had principles. They represented the people on the streets. They were the party of the people and now they are reviled by the very people who once worshipped them. This is the fault of a very small cabal and the cowards who have allowed them to destroy the party of the people.

The Labour party were wiped out yesterday because they have betrayed their supporters. Gordon Brown and the people who he has surrounded himself with, the liars, bullies and 'troughers' have betrayed the working class. Maybe if they got rid of these awful cheats then the public might just give the Labour Party a second chance.

The architects of the New Labour Project have to be destroyed! Only Labour people can do it. Gordon, Mandy, Jack Straw, the awful Balls pair, Darling, the Kinnocks, McNulty, the Millibands and so on and so on must be sent from whence they came.

If the backbenchers got themselves together and remembered why they joined the Labour Party in the first place then they just might save their ideals. They may lose their seats but they might save their party. They must exhibit courage and win back their party. The question remains, how many NoLab politicians really want to win back their party?

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