Friday, 19 June 2009

Yet More Sleaze from Westminster!

Listening to TalkSport on my way home this evening I hear that the Daily Telegraph are revealing that dozens of MPs have claimed more Council Tax on their expenses than they actually paid! How low can they get?

It has also been reported that the CPS has given the police the go ahead to investigate the activities of certain MPs with a view to criminal charges. Please excuse my cynicism but have we not seen witnessed this bluster before. Remember the blaze of publicity which accompanied Yeates of the Yard when he was arresting people for the cash for peerages issue.

I still do not believe that anything will transpire from this because once they start their investigations then it could lead to anyone and everyone at Westmonster. Spot the Freudian slip I typed Westmonster and decided that it was appropriate! There are some very prominent parliamentarians who should be investigated (not least Tony Blair who charged the public to shred his expenses)but I think they will escape. The Westmonster machine will ensure that strings are pulled, old school ties are brandished and favours are called in.

Only the expendable will be sacrificed at the altar of public opinion. Those who know where the bodies are buried will as usual slither onto the next election.

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