Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Rubbish or Garbage!

The Daily Mail is campaigning against the wheely bin expolsion on our streets. They are indeed a monstrosity which are actually unnecessary. I cannot believe that our local councils are making this such an issue. I suppose that it is because they are only really responsible for waste collection. Everything else is now the responsibility of Westmonster or Brussels.

So what do we get for our money? We have to sort out our own rubbish. We have to decide which coloured bags contain which items and if we are wrong then we could be charged under some obscure offense which the NoLab government has introduced to gain more money.

Why can't we do what they do in Spain or the Canary Islands? It is so quick, clean and effective. They have public collection points at the end of each street. Everyone bags up their rubbish and then delivers it personally to the collection point. Everyone knows their responsibility. It is easy! It is so easy that our local councils cannot introduce it probably because it would rob them of income.

By the way the rubbish 'banks' are cleared out overnight, silently and effectively. So, so, simple and yet beyond the comprehension of our authorities. Destroy the wheelie bin and then make the citizen responsible for the delivery of their own rubbish.

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