Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What is happening to us?

Every day the state of our society seems to hit rock bottom. There are events happening on a daily basis which thirty years ago would have been earth shattering but today we have been brutalised to such an extent that we do not question the judiciary or the government about their part in this catastrophe.

Recently a pregnant woman was randomely stabbed to death by a passing 52 year old! Do not tell me that this person was not known to the authorities as a danger to the public. I will eat my glasses if we do not discover that he has been released from some sort of institution.

Now a nursery worker has been arrested on child pornography charges. The real shocker is that she is a woman! Good God where do we go from here? How can the families of the children who attended that nursery feel. What can they do?

We are living in a country which insists on controlling sex education to the very young. Most parents do not know what is being implanted into the minds of their kids. The result has been an explosion of child pregnancies, young girls are being exposed to a knowledge of the sex act without any explanation of the responsibilty of child care. This is of course all under the umbrella of the 'Ed Balls department'.

The government has supported an explosion of unwanted children. The government has supported the plethora of same sex alliances. If people want same sex partnerships or marriages then that is their business but I do not feel that this should be force fed to kids under ten years of age. That is a perversion that they should discover later in life. I know that some people are different and I respect that. There are same sex partnerships all over the country and always have been but it is not the norm. Let's live and let live but I really object to my granddaughters even thinking about it.

Our society is in danger of anarchy. Yesterday elected representatives were unfortuntely attacked by people funded by NoLab. Everything that is rotten in our society can be traced back to Gordon Brown. He is our problem!

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