Thursday, 11 June 2009

Justice under Jack Straw

Have you noticed that under the Justice Minister, Jack Straw, there is none, Justice that is! He sits smuggly ensconced as the member of The Cabinet who has probably achieved less that any other Cabinet Minister.

Justice today is a joke. We have immense problems on the streets but the police remain generally aloof from the public. As far as most of us are concerned they do not exist until YOU come under their radar. If they can make money from you then be very careful but if you become a victim of crime then well that is unfortunate but what do you expect the police to do about it. Here is your crime number!

Jails are luxurious. They allow a career criminal a life which they cannot expect elsewhere. The facilities are unbelievable. They are designed quite simply to reward crime. It has been done quite deliberately to cause a breakdown of our society.

How many times have we seen grieving relatives parading before the cameras demanding justice? What happens? Absolutely nothing?

How many times have we discovered that the offenders have (a) been released early (b) not sentenced sufficiently or (c) given the benefit of the doubt! It has become a national disgrace but Jack Straw has no plans to overhaul the system because it is working impeccably if you are hell bent on destroying the country.

Do you know what I cannot believe is that after every hideous murder or stabbing the mainstream media do not pile the pressure on those who are allowing this to happen.
In addition how many times do the perpetrators suddenly become young black males! Oops here we go I have trodden over that invisible line which says that multiculturalism has been good for us! I am sorry but we should have the right to point the finger at the problem.

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