Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tony Blair

I have always had one real desire since I began this blog. I want to see Tony Blair in court on the charge of war crimes. I don't actually think it will happen because he sure knows how to protect his arse but we are getting much closer to him.

The forthcoming Iraq enquiry is being forced into the open. It is ridiculous because we all know what happened and who was responsible. The problem arises in compiling irrefutable evidence. When Tony Blair was PM he seemed to excel in impromptu meetings where minutes were a rare luxury and parliamentary scrutiny something to be avoided at all cost.

The result was that we were dragged into a war which was frankly preposterous. It is always devastating in the military community to lose soldiers but to lose them for no good reason is a scandal. For the PM and a few close cohorts to plot a war behind closed doors purely to appease an American President is a disgrace. To falsify the evidence required to go to war is criminal.

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