Saturday, 6 June 2009

BNP News

I see that the official BNP web site is hoping for four seats in the European Parliament when the results are announced tomorrow. Forecasts indicate that they may get one in the North West, one in Yorkshire, one in the East Midlands and one in the West Midlands. Only time will tell but they polled quite well considering the campaign waged against them by the mainstream media.

In Leicestershire alone the mainstream media have uncovered 26000 odious/vile racists
most of them living in Coalville formerly a NoLab stronghold. Perhaps it is the impact that the mass immigration has had on Leicestershire which has caused this reaction. As the NoLab government closed down most of the provincial hospitals in Leicestershire most of us have had to travel into Leicester for hospital treatment and then one can really experience the full impact of the mass immigration.

There are areas in Leicester where it is difficult to spot a white person. You can sit in a waiting room at the Royal or the General and feel like a stranger in one's own country. I know that they may be decent people, that many of the excellent staff are immigrant related but has just gone too far!

I am not a racist! Throughout my working career I worked happily alongside people of all creeds and many were good friends. When I was seriously ill my absolute favourite surgeon was Asian and he was a lovely man. I am happy to work and befriend anyone but and it is a big 'but' because the prisons are stuffed with the dregs of the world and we do not seem to have any redress. They apparently cannot be sent home. We have to pay for them to stay in the luxury prisons which NoLab have created for our murderers, thieves and vagabonds.

It is ridiculous but none of the Westminster Three has a plan to reverse the trend. The reason is that we cannot debate immigration or justice. The Justice Minister (Jack Straw) is, as we all know, one of the architects of the New Labour Project which was designed to destroy our traditional way of life.

We need the BNP to keep our mainstream politicians honest. Up to now they are almost the only party which has the power to poll a significant number of votes which can challenge Westminster. Tomorrow I am expecting a large UKIP protest vote but remember they are also a sleazy outfit who generally have acceeded to the EU bribe and grabbed the money.

I really believe that we English are fighting for our ultimate existance because someone, somewhere has a plan to dismantle our culture. I know, I am ignorant but I know what is right and what is wrong. The European Union is evil, undemocratic and we should have nothing to do with it. We are giving billions to other countries and yet when we want a decent pension for our people who fought for democracy they spit in our faces and say that there is no money.

Just remember at the next election when you have a vote that... every day we give £38million to Europe, every year we give £6 billion to 22 other countries including Pakistan, India and China and our MP's award themselves £50 million purely on staff expenses. Our taxes are being squandered on people who do not serve this country.

There is an agenda here that we cannot understand. So many are involved in the rape of our country. The media are complicit, the banks are complicit and worst of all Westminster is complicit. OK don't believe me but just google 'Common Purpose' or the 'Bilderburger Group'and then wise up.

Adolf Hitler could not have done worse than the European Union. We have been usurped by a European group who undemocratically have seized power and now run a huge show which the public don't like but which, certainly in this country, we cannot vote for. Their only opposition in this country is the BNP and that is why they are subject to the constant media harrassment.

If I am wrong I will close this Blog down and disappear into old age. This is my last throw of the dice for my grandchildren. The vote for the Tories in the County Council Elections was the result of media involvement. They know that you and I are sick of Gordon Brown and NoLab so heh presto let's reintroduce Dave and his Tories and you all fell for the con trick.

Nobody reads this blog so let me educate the blogosphere, it does not matter if you vote NoLab, Tory, or LibDem because they are all in the same Euro Club. It is an illusion. It is a con trick. You think that you are voting for a different party but they are all the same. They are pro European Union and the BNP are anti European Union. Go to their web site and look at the comments!

There are no 'Ranting Penguin' comments, none of the diatribe which Guido attracts, no obscenities, no 'c' words of 'f' words on the BNP website. I know that you don't believe me but go and visit because the people on it are actually just like you and me. They are not 'vile' or 'odious' they are people who really want to save their way of life.

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