Saturday, 6 June 2009

Gordon Brown - Delusional!

At long last The Daily Telegraph has outed Gordon Brown as being as bad as any other of the MPs that he criticised when it comes to 'flipping' houses and claiming trivial expenses. I particularly liked the one where a piper turned out at a function in Kirkcaldy and Brown bunged him £30 for his time and trouble. He then claimed it back on his expenses so that we the public paid for his bloody piper! Now I know that the Scots have got a reputation for being mean but that is some mean spirited Prime Minister.

One by one all of his infamous claims are being destroyed. So the one about the expenses scandal offending his presbyterian upbringing has now bitten the dust and resides in the trash can along with the 'no boom and bust' and just 'getting on with the job' claims.

The man is an outrageous liar who is gradually being torn apart by the media and he deserves all he gets. Guido has long thought of him as being delusional and I am afraid he demonstrates the traits admirably. He seems to earnestly believe that he is the only person in the universe who can solve the problems in this country when it is evident that he has caused most of them.

Someone has got to get rid of him!

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