Tuesday, 27 January 2009

John Prescott

If ever anybody should be ashamed of himself it is John Prescott. I saw him on television on Sunday morning and I was appalled that we was being given air time. Here is a bully boy who has probably reneged on any principle he ever espoused, cheated on his wife and in my opinion let down every Labour Union member ever born.

For his whole political career he seems to have posed as an old style Trade Unionist and yet could not wait to join the NoLab movement so that eventually he could end up playing croquet on the lawn of a posh house.

His appearance indicates that he has for years gorged himself, probably at public expense and now he opens a blog. He has listed 50 NoLab achievements for which he seems proud. The problem is that most of them are fictitious or can be purely attributed to spin. OK there is some factual content but it is actually miniscule in comparison to what he says they actually achieved. One cannot believe claims that can only be confirmed by NoLab stats.

In my opinion John Prescott is a bad 'un and will eventually be outed by history. In the meantime I only hope that he will disappear from public view and enjoy the millions that he has made from being a public servant. Not a bad lifestyle for someone who was once a ship's steward.

I have been very careful on how I have worded some of this because old style Labourite bully boys can be very vindictive!

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