Saturday, 10 January 2009

A new NoLab supporting blog emerged today. It is being run by Derek Draper, who if my memory serves me right is the husband of GMTV's Kate Garroway, and it has already been panned by the blogosphere.

The reason for the initial bad press is that it was launched with no actual content. It has a long list of people who are expected to contribute but were not ready on launch day. Is that not typical of NoLab? Someone has an idea and usually at great public expense the idea is launched in a blaze of publicity. Then comes Day Two and nobody quite knows what to do next.

This has been the hallmark of NoLab initiative and spin. In the past Civil Servants would have been briefed to ensure that policies were put into place and then administered. The problem for NoLab is that they subverted and politicised the Civil Service so the experienced career Civil Servants were put out to grass and replaced by NoLab supporters.

Now one thing a NoLab supporter can seek out is the main chance to feather their own nest. They will smile, nod and agree at every turn as long as they pick up their fat pay packet at the end of the month. They will slavishly worship at the throne of President Gordon and do everything demanded of them but... please don't ask them to do any work! Don't ask them to impart policies, manmanage, plan ahead, organise or direct because they will not have a clue what you are talking about.

This is the crux of every problem facing NoLab. They can try and change the world but if you don't have anyone of substance who can put your plans into fruition then nothing happens.

The marvel of blogging is that you have freedom of expression. You choose the subject, you state your opinion and then you publish it! I am still amazed that somewhere out there people come and visit this blog. I do not expect people to agree with my views but it is my express right to voice an opinion and if I have not done enough for my country in the past then in this small way I am trying to rectify it.

The problem with Labourlist is that it will be controlled by NoLab. Derek Draper will always be a servant tasked with ensuring that the New Labour Project is forced onto the public. He will have no personal freedom so if he ever has a bright idea then he will not be allowed to publish it until he has run it past the Mandelsson's of this world. Blogging is just not like that... it is spontaneous, fun, outrageous but it is not suited to political manipulation.

I wish Derek Draper well but as I commented on Iain Dale's Diary one cannot defend the indefensible. Some of the bloggists are real extremists and now NoLab have given them an opportunity to release the rottweilers of the blogging world. Poor old Derek will be exposed to real public opinion and not the garbage that he probably hears on a daily basis from NoLab party HQ.

Just remember if in today's climate of economic disaster caused by a PM who once said that a weak economy is a sign of a weak government, you should hear someone praising the New Labour Project then in my humble opinion you should step back a few paces. They are either indebted to the government for an over inflated wage packet, in need of the services of a very expensive psychiatrist or tragically they have lost all sense of reality.

Perhaps tomorrow Labourlist will release content!

UPDATE: The rottweilers have found it and already Mr Draper is fighting a losing battle to keep the comments moderate. The problem is that the more he bans and condemns the unsympathetic comments to the trash can the more fun it becomes! If you
start a blog from such a unpromising position then you just have to accept what is coming and you can't stop it! Blogs cannot be controlled and that is why NoLab will always be useless at it. They don't understand freedom you see.

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