Friday, 23 January 2009

East Wickham, Bexley, Kent

Most of us probably didn't know it but a By-Election took place in a part of Kent yesterday and I haven't seen anyone reporting the results. Now I know the reason for this because the result was as follows:-

Conservatives 798
BNP 790
Labour 700
Lib Dems 564
English Dems 128

In recent times this trend has been confirmed elsewhere but is not being reported. For the BNP to beat NoLab and fail by only 8 votes to topple the Tories could be described almost as a sensation! I wonder how many of those who voted for the English Dems now wish they had had the guts to go all the way.

I still believe that there will be three parties fighting the next election but the third one will not be the LibDems who are now almost irrelevant since Nick Clegg came to power. The third party will be the BNP and once they get a toehold then the band wagon will start to roll born out by the frustration of the native electorate!

UPDATE: I have since discovered that a similar result happened at the other end of the country in Cumbria and was again not reported by the mainstream media. I am thinking that if we ever get a national ballot then it could be very interesting. The political establishment must be quaking in their shoes. Apparently the BNP are so aware of electoral fraud that they are guarding the ballot boxes from the poll station to the counting house! Can this really happen in Britain? My coining of the nickname 'Mugabe' Brown may be much closer to the truth that we ever could imagine! Could the BNP be the only party in this once great democracy that is honest and open? If so why are the British press not supporting them? The term 'racism' has too long been used to stifle democracy.

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