Monday, 19 January 2009

'Great Britain' and Foreign Aid

I am currently watching ITV news and they always report disaster as 'disaster' because they are not controlled by NoLab as are the BBC. We are drowning in debt like never before and the government have no idea how to save the financial future of the country.

The shares on our major banks have collapsed and we can no longer pretend that we, as a country, have any viable financial future. I know nothing about finance but my gut instincts tell me that NoLab are so far out of their depth that we are all drowning and will soon have to rely on the International Monetary fund for salvation.

And still Nolab pretend that they have clout! Wee Douglas Alexander appeared on TV yesterday pledging to give twenty millions pounds to help to rebuild bloody Palestine! Well to start with 20 million is a flea bite but not when we are told continually that if a British citizen needs something then we are now in a credit crunch.

Even David Cameron promised to 'ring fence' Foreign Aid (along with Education, Health etc etc). The question that I would like to ask is ...if NoLab bankrupt Britain will Europe come to our aid? Will our friends and partners in the European Union charge forward and come to our assistance? Yeah right... of course they will!

We have only ever been important to the European Union as long as we pay billions to support their profligacy. If our economy fails and we can no longer support the economies of Greece, Portugal, Eire, Spain and Italy thenm what happens?

How many countries will go bankrupt because we can no longer pour billions into their economy? In some ways this crisis has been a long time coming and may in the long term steer us into a new era of government and banking.

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