Friday, 16 January 2009 and Expenses for our MP's

I suspect that Kate Garroway is becoming somewhat neglected since her husband has single handedly joined the Blogosphere on behalf of the most hated parliamentary party ever seen in the country. He must be on permanent watch because so many people see him as a target and that even includes some of the NoLab faithful.

A rival blog has emerged this time apparently run by supporters of old Lab and now 'Dolly' has a real problem. Now he is hated by everyone! Not him of course because he is just a servant of the Blair/Brown/Straw/Mandelsson (not always in that order) conglomorate which has served the country in such an extraordinarily destructive manner.

Just think since they came to power everything that we held dear has disappeared. We no longer have decent education for our children, the NHS depends on a post code lottery, NICE means NASTY, banks have become unstable, our army is involved in unwinnable wars but it keeps them busy and our MPs can spend anything that they wish without us knowing about it.

Yes that is it folks, the worst bunch of MPs we have ever elected are milking public funding before they are ejected. Yesterday just one of them saw his election prospects disappear because his own government decided (no public vote you understand) to destroy at least two villages to accommodate a third runway at Heathrow so that the world's rich can change planes.

At the same time this miserable bunch of crooks decided that it would be too much trouble to publish their expense claims! They have decided that the much vaunted Freedom of Information Act which they introduced in a blaze of publicity cannot suddenly include any free information on their expense accounts. Can you believe that hypocrisy?

I have just one answer. If we ever get a free election (not a Mugabe one) then ask each prospective MP to publish his/her expenses (with proof of course)before you cast your vote. If they refuse then you know that they are on the take. Some of the worst are some of the leading players because they believe that they are bombproof.

They make me want to throw up and it is much, much worse that even I can contemplate!

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