Friday, 23 January 2009

The above website is almost compulsive because it is so repulsive! They attack anything that is not NoLab simply because they cannot control it. These people are beyond belief in a so called democracy. They wish to destroy any opposition that means destroy debate or challenge or even respect.

If you disagree with any pronouncement that emits from 'Mugabe' Brown's mouth then you are a non-citizen, you are worthless, you are therefore probably a racist, sexist, fascist bastard hater of anything ever imagined. You probably spawned a child with Maggie Thatcher and your views count for nothing because they have the power, the glory and will continue to rule for ever more.

It is unbelievable that there are people, who are still not drawing their salaries from NoLab, who subscribe to this bile. Now I hate to bang on, because I am not a paid up member of the BNP but I want a group of people, any group of people, to shake up the complacency of the political establishment. If the BNP are the only ones who have the organisation, the clout and the balls to have a go then they have my support.

I will reiterate my position. I believe that we should withdraw from Europe, repatriate any person who is here illegally, cease the ancient practice of Foreign Aid, pull the troops out of both Afghanistan and Iraq and then pull up the drawbridge.

We should them concentrate on US! We should forget everything else and concentrate on our very own citizens. Our taxes will then pay for our salvation. Our elderly will live as they should. Our children will be educated everywhere to the same standards that the children of NoLab cabinet ministers are educated.

Criminals will respect the laws of the land which will be upheld by judges who are not squeamish or subject to 'Mugabe' Brown. That means that our police will actually tiptoe back onto the streets and attempt to protect the public which was originally the role envisaged by Robert Peel.

The judges will punish the criminal. That will require a punishment feared by the criminal; you know something like the stocks, in full public view, flogging (Yeah I know that the establishment abhors this practice but it works} and for the bastards who abuse children/kill police and bomb a civilian population then they are gone forever.

Well now you have heard it and so I am now officially an enemy of the state. Everything that I have espoused is against the principles of 'Mugabe' Brown and his cohorts. None of these proposals will ever find their way onto the statute books because 'Mugabe' Brown, wants you to live in fear.

Can you imagine a land where our children can play free from the attentions of their parents? A land where nobody carries a knife for defence? A land where every householder leaves their house unlocked? A land where police were our trusted friend and walked unmolested and respected through the community. The same man who was so trusted that you could actually walk up to him and ask him the time?

That was my childhood folks and I want it back for my grandchildren. That is the only reason that I support the BNP (and I do not contribute to their cause but I should) because they are the only party who will make the unpopular decisions which will turn the clock back.

Britain is no longer a democracy, it is run by Europe and the NoLab lackies who deny us democracy will eventually learn their fate. Beware however because this crowd who drink at the fountain of luxury will not give it up easily. I think that eventually we will have to fight for our freedom. Prepare to Arm!

UPDATE: Yeah it was late when I blogged this but in the cold harsh light of dawn I will change nothing.

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