Thursday, 22 January 2009

Kids are being paid to stay at School!

There was a remarkable revelation that appeared on Iain Dale's Diary this week! Apparently his ageing mother was being paid £35 a week to stay on at school! Obviously this was the usual cock up by the NoLab subserviants most of whom can probably barely read, write or think.

What is interesting is that this government has concealed that they are actually paying kids to stay school! It used to be called YTS but they destroyed all that and some of it was actually introducing kids to the world of employment. I know because I was managed a really successful IT training scheme which was destroyed by Leicestershire County Council because they were cost cutting. At school they learn no new skills which will give them an advantage when it comes to getting a job.

Education was at one time an advantage but NoLab also destroyed all of that. They dumped the grammar school. which was the most genuine route to social mobility. They never replaced it because they didn't want jumped up clever kids from council estates challenging their authority and challenging the warped values of the unions.

Paying kids to stay at school! What a testimony to this cretinous government! Can they get any lower?

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