Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Northern Ireland

I am watching the news reports of the problems that have flared up between the two communities in Northern Ireland because they have both been awarded the same amount of compensation for dead relatives. What kind of idiot thought that one up? Why should any of them receive taxpayer's money for something that happened thirty of forty years ago?

Is someone also sitting down and deciding that the relatives of all the British soldiers killed in NI should also get a payment? Should the people who lost relatives in mainland England because of IRA bombings also get a payment? This is typical lunacy thought up by the legal profession (as was the Bloody Sunday enquiry) so that they profit from the grief of so many others.

I served twice in the province as a soldier and it was tragic that the situation between the two communities had been encouraged to fester. When one considers the problems in the Middle East and compares that with the peace that has descended on Northern Ireland then we can only hope that peace will last.

It will last because the people want it to last but to bring the extremists back face to face in front of the television cameras was unbelievable. It is mischievous lunacy because nobody can ever agree who merits what above whom.

Get over it folks! It happened and it is over. Don't let the lawyers use you to open up old wounds.

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